Phalanx: Rubin Observatory Kubernetes Application Configurations

Phalanx [1] is a GitOps repository for Rubin Observatory’s Kubernetes environments, notably including Rubin Science Platform deployments like Using Helm and Argo CD, Phalanx defines the configurations of applications in each environment.

This documentation is for Rubin team members that are developing applications and administering Kubernetes clusters. Astronomers and other end-users can visit the Rubin Documentation Portal to learn how to use Rubin Observatory’s software, services, and datasets.

Phalanx is on GitHub at lsst-sqre/phalanx.


Learn about Phalanx’s design and how to contribute.


Learn how to develop applications that are deployed with Phalanx.


Learn how install and operate Phalanx applications, such as the Rubin Science Platform, in your data access center.


Learn about the individual applications that are configured to deploy with Phalanx.


Learn about the Kubernetes clusters that are running Phalanx.