Audit secrets for an environmentΒΆ

To check that all of the necessary secrets for an environment named <environment> are in Vault and appear to have the proper form, run:

phalanx secrets audit <environment>

Add the --secrets command-line option or set OP_CONNECT_TOKEN if needed for your choice of a static secrets source. For SQuaRE-managed deployments, the 1Password token for OP_CONNECT_TOKEN comes from the Phalanx 1Password tokens item in the SQuaRE 1Password vault.

If you did not store the Vault write token for your environment with the static secrets, the VAULT_TOKEN environment variable must be set to the Vault write token for this environment (or a read token; this command will not make any changes). For SQuaRE-managed environments, you can get the write token from the Phalanx Vault write tokens item in the SQuaRE 1Password vault.

The output of the command will be a report of any inconsistencies or problems found in the Vault secrets for this environment. No output indicates no problems.