pydantic model phalanx.models.secrets.SecretOnepasswordConfig#

Configuration for how a static secret is stored in 1Password.


data (Any) –

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   "title": "SecretOnepasswordConfig",
   "description": "Configuration for how a static secret is stored in 1Password.",
   "type": "object",
   "properties": {
      "encoded": {
         "default": false,
         "title": "Encoded",
         "type": "boolean"

field encoded: bool = False#

Whether the 1Password copy of the secret is encoded in base64.

1Password doesn’t support newlines in secrets, so secrets that contain significant newlines have to be encoded when storing them in 1Password. This flag indicates that this has been done, and therefore when retrieving the secret from 1Password, its base64-encoding must be undone.