pydantic model phalanx.models.vault.VaultTokenMetadata

Metadata about a new or existing Vault token.


data (Any)

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   "title": "VaultTokenMetadata",
   "description": "Metadata about a new or existing Vault token.",
   "type": "object",
   "properties": {
      "display_name": {
         "title": "Display Name",
         "type": "string"
      "accessor": {
         "title": "Accessor",
         "type": "string"
      "expires": {
         "anyOf": [
               "format": "date-time",
               "type": "string"
               "type": "null"
         "title": "Expires"
      "policies": {
         "items": {
            "type": "string"
         "title": "Policies",
         "type": "array"
   "required": [

field accessor: str [Required]

Accessor for the token, used to get metadata or revoke it.

field display_name: str [Required]

Display name of the token.

field expires: datetime | None [Required]

When the token expires, if it does.

field policies: list[str] [Required]

Policies applied to this token.