Vault Migration#

If you want to migrate a Vault deployment from one GCP project and Kubernetes cluster to another, do the following:

  1. Create the resources required for the new Vault server in the new GCP project. If you are not using Terraform via the IDF deployment terraform configuration consult that repository to understand what resources you will need and create them by hand.

  2. Grant the new service account access to the KMS keyring and key used for unsealing in the old GCP project. This is necessary to be able to do a seal migration later. See this StackOverflow answer for how to grant access. The new service account must have Cloud KMS Viewer and Cloud KMS Encrypter/Decrypter permissions on the old KMS keyring and key.

  3. Copy the data from the old GCS bucket to the new GCS bucket using a GCS transfer.

  4. Configure the new vault to point to the KMS keyring and key in the old project.

  5. Do as directed in Changing seal keys to switch from the old seal key in KMS in the old GCP project to the new seal key in the new GCP project.

  6. Change DNS to point the Vault server name (generally to point to the new installation.

  7. Remove the permissions to the old KMS keyring and key from the new service account.