Write Chart.yaml#

After creating a new chart from a template, there will be a new Helm chart for your application in applications/application. A basic Chart.yaml was created by phalanx application create. A few additional fields need to be filled out.

Chart versioning#

For charts that deploy a Rubin-developed application, set appVersion to the application’s Docker image tag (which is typically the version tag). For charts that do not deploy an application (for example, charts that are only used to manage subcharts as described in Adding an external Helm chart), delete the appVersion field.


The chart also has a version field, which will be set to 1.0.0. This field does not need to be changed. The top level of charts defined in the applications directory are used only by Argo CD and are never published as stand-alone Helm charts. Their versions are therefore irrelevant, so we use 1.0.0 for all such charts.

Next steps#