Create new Helm chart from template#

Ensure that your local Phalanx development environment is set up following the instructions in Setting up a Phalanx development environment.

Then, create the files for the new application, including the start of a Helm chart:

phalanx application create <application>

Replace <application> with the name of your new application, which will double as the name of the Helm chart. The application name must start with a lowercase letter and consist of lowercase letters, numbers, and hyphen (-).

By default, this will create a Helm chart for a FastAPI web service. Use the --starter flag to specify a different Helm chart starter. There are two options:


Use this starter if the new Helm application is a web service, such as a new Safir FastAPI service. This is the default.


Use this starter for any other type of application. This will create an empty Helm chart, to which you can add resources or external charts.

You will be prompted for a short description of the application. Keep it succinct, ideally just a few words, and do not add a period at the end. The description must begin with a capital letter.

You will also be prompted for the Argo CD project to use for your application. This must be chosen from the list of projects at Applications. See the page for each project for a short description of what it should contain.

Next steps#